Financial Policy

Patient Billing

We believe it is important to not only provide the highest quality endodontic care possible, but to also make this care affordable as well. We have made arrangements to help make your treatment both convenient and flexible. Please ask us any questions you may have, as we are glad to be of assistance.

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

A note to our patients with insurance

As a service to you, we are happy to process any insurance claim, explain how your plan works and how to maximize your benefits, help with insurance estimates, and provide any additional documentation requested. Please keep in mind that we can only provide an estimate of your benefits and that you are responsible for all fees in their entirety.

We do ask that you understand that your insurance plan is a contract between your employer and the insurance company. The benefits you receive and the type of plan chosen by your employer determines the fees “allowed.” We are proud that our fees reflect the individualized time the doctor and staff spends with the patient as well as the overall quality of the care and service provided. We hope that your experience will exceed your expectations and that you will appreciate the personalized attention and care we provide.

We are providers for most major dental plans.